"My Alexa" concept is inspired by original amazon Alexa Echo speaker. I love it and i do use it mainly for Music but also for plan my to do's or alarm clock, to stop the timer while i work on some Projects and so on. She is like a digital assistant for me. I wanted to give Alexa more visual look, like a face or some UI Elements to show. For example a clock or Weather icons or just the Text and Name of the Songs she actually playing for me. Including some fun stuff like Disco mode for my favorite songs. I used Alexa german Voice as a reference from my original amazon Alexa. I recorded, synced and used it with my visuals. The whole idea came to me while i watched "I ROBOT" a Science Fiction Movie with Will Smith In the main role. There is this AI called "VIKI" a smart supercomputer that has a cyber futuristic looking female face silhouette made out of laser Projection or something like that. So you can actually talk to her and interact. In the end "VIKI" was really crazy and evil but this is not important now ... The main point was for me, hey i could just try it. Just as an idea and concept. I already did something similar with face design etc. you know - the PORTRAIT Project i did in 2016. So i thought, great this will work really perfect together i just need the Voice, Screen projection, and some UI.


DESIGN - Dennis Schäfer

VOICE - Amazon Echo

MODEL - Elena Miller

MUSIC - Black Ant, Fater Lee